Dating Websites

Some of us just can’t find anyone that we form enough of a connection with to go on a date, or maybe you have but things didn’t work out. Whatever the reason you’re struggling to find someone to take out on a date, your social circles too small or you find it hard to speak to people in person, that’s okay.

One of the routes people take in this modern day age is online dating. Some people do this through your usual social networks such as Facebook, and approach people there based on mutual friends or mutual interests or hobbies.

But there are dating websites out there, some are specific to Tenerife, some are specifically for the handicapped, whichever you ones you choose to sign yourself up for is your choice, but I’ve listed a few below to get you started… (psst, they’re all free)

Tenerife Specific

Handicapped Specific

Hopefully we’ve listed the most popular ones, but if you feel there’s one that you think should be on here please do let us know!